by AJ Taylor, Maximilian Clark
by Matthew Snead
by Susana Ramirez de Arellano
by Ty Jones
by Neil Rowe
by Marco Baroni
by Javier Chavanel
by Andrea Cazzaniga
by Carlos Matienzo Serment
by Iñigo Acha Gómez


“Night Feed” by William Allum; “Einreichen” by Kody Newton; “Night Drive” by Jef Overn, Timmy Lodhi; “Payback” by Sidney van den Hout; “Smile or Die” by Simone Miccinilli; “Long Pig” by Riccardo Suriano; “The Magpie” by Oliver Steele; “Behind the Wall” by Danilo Parra; “Me Debes Uno” by Oscar Rodrigo; “Mute” by Pepe Siscar; “Crappy Christmas – Operation Christmas Child” by Jürgen Kling; “Monsters Aren’t Real” by Kristina Moschella; “Oldbone” by Alberto Armas Díaz; “Dark Sight” by Davide Forte; “Transfert” by Jonathan Degrelle; “Ad Lib” by Joseph Catté; “Bloodshed” by Paolo Mancini, Daniel Watchorn; “The Taxi Dead” by Simon Lahm; “The Ballad of Sharkasaurus” by Spencer Estabrooks; “Hauschen – A Herança” by Paulo A. M. Oliveira, Pedro Martins; “The Devil’s Harvest” by Robert Dee; “The wall” by Marie-Claude Béchard; “The Factory” by Nika Yakovleva; “La Familia” by Jacques Fletcher; “The Search” by David Vergne; “The Devouring” by Jeevan Nathan; “Bliss Burger” by Adam K. Wright; “Hansel” by Vivian Papageorgiou; “Possessions – 1” by Zeke Farrow; “Malediction” by Thomas Bauer; “Echthaar” by Dominic Kubisch; “Bárbara Y El Lobo” by Aitor Arenas; “Karim Hussain and the revival of genre cinema in Canada” by Joanne Belluco; “Fright Nights” by Alexander Henninger.

"Lettera H" di Dario Germani
"L'ultima notte" di Francesco Barozzi
"Stay Out Stay Alive" di Dean Yurke
"The dark dawn" di Alessandro Spada
"Guns" di Diego Silva Acevedo
"Grisly Girls" di Adam Van Dyke
"Zombiosi" di Cris Gambín and Toni Pinel
"Untitled Bloody Project" di Savva Dolomanov
"ABHORRENT" di David Scott
"Stalag III-C" di Jason Rogan


 COLE & COLETTE” by Harker Jones; “THE BARBER” by Sergiy Pudich; “DOROTHY” by Federico Lagna; “MALUM ÆTERNI” by Luigi Scarpa; “SCRIPT” by Piero Cannata; “NOM” by Angel Suarez; “THE KILLER OF GRASSY RIDGE” by Johnny K; “MOMO” by Danny Cannizzaro”; “MAMA’S BOY” by Joseph Palma; “SWIPE” by Niels Bourgonje; “THIRSTY?” by Riccardo Uras; “ULISES” by Jorge Malpica; “THE HIDDEN REFLECTION” by Eugenio Krilov; “DELITTO NATURALE” by Adam Selo; “HOLY HELL! OR: A PROFUND TALE OF EVIL AND SATANIC WICKEDNESS!” by Nicholas W. Callais;  “HORRORSCOPE” by Pol Digller; “REMEMBER TO KEEP HOLY THE SABBATH DAY” by Matteo Scarfò; “SPOILER” by Mitch&Co. Production; GOTAS” by Santiago Taboada Álvarez; “HEAD DOWN” by Benjamin Stewart; “THE LONG WALK BACK” by Lloyd Eyre-Morgan; “GOOD MAN – HONOUR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER” by Daniele Zinelli; MR. CLEAN” by Lee Bailes; “THE MUSIC BOX” by Ryan Riddle; “RUBY” by Brenden TR Gregory; “GROOMING” by Yelmar Films; “THE GHOST OF KELLY WINTERS” by Talin Agon; “VESTIGE” by Anthony Thornton-Hopwood; “THE CURSE OF VALBURGA” by 666Productions; “LIVE OR LET DIE” by Manuel Urbaneck; “THE ICED HUNTER” by Davide Cancila.



"Recommended for You" Andrew Garcia
"LIKE" Giulio Manicardi
"9 STEPS" Marisa Crespo & Moisés Romera
"Noctámbulos" Romén Rivero
"Stop Invasion" Leopoldo Medugno
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